About Me

In 1998 I learned to quilt. In 1999 I started a long arm quilting machine business and since then have put millions of miles of thread from cone to quilt.

I love creating new designs for new quilts; the quilting is all done freehand.  I wonder how many acres the quilts I have put together would cover?

I’m an artist. It’s who I am —  as simple as that.  And sharing my art is just as much a part of me as creating my art.

Welcome to my world of Artist, Creator and Illuminator through fabric, paint and canvas. Let me share my art with you; perhaps there is a place in your life for a bit of it. 

My most recent passion is in painting — every kind of painting — some days it’s as simple as a new designer color on  walls. On another day it might be a more labor intensive transformation of  kitchen cabinets from the tired old wood to a perfect shade of grey.

Perhaps a canvas will command my attention.  Or maybe a shabby-chic face-lift for a little china cabinet will catch me; there now —  it will fit into the corner of my client’s dining room just perfectly.

I have been interested in Art all of my life.  Around the age of ten I began teaching myself to sew and the passion for textiles has grown in every way since then.

I have tried more arts, needle arts and crafts than I can count. I love to do many of them still….but let’s face it, we only have so much time in our lives; paint and quilting are my focus now. I will never stop learning, or trying new things or combinations; that is the life of this artist.